Oven Baked Pizza – Cleaning Time

We’ve had a lot of fun making pizzas with our open fire oven. That being said there are some serious things to consider when it comes to the maintenance of these ovens. So I wanted to share a post from someone that’s an expert on chimney sweeping (The Happy Chimney guy). Here are some notes.

Take some time to make sure your fireplace is as safe as it’s encouraging, before the cool, crisp days of autumn make cozy evenings in front of the fireplace resistless.

That’s because inspecting and cleaning chimneys involves far a lot more than simply sweeping soot.

All about prepping chimney and your hearth for the winter, you need to understand

How often should a chimney be inspected?

Every year. New wood-burning facilities for example fireplaces or wood-burning stoves needs to be checked halfway through the very first heating season to affirm everything is operating correctly.

How often should a chimney be cleaned?

Cleaning must be done as crucial — usually when there’s a minimum 1/8-inch of deposit in the chimney. An annual inspection will determine if any sweeping or repairs are needed.

In some cases, it’s essential to sweep more than once a year, especially if the fuel, the operator or the venting system are not properly fit.

Why get a chimney cleaned and inspected in the first place?

The combustion process deposits an acidic stuff that weakens metal or masonry chimneys, causing them to deteriorate prematurely.

Substantial buildup of creosote, a flammable material resulting from incomplete combustion, may catch fire and spread to the attic along with other areas of the property.

If a chimney can be used infrequently, critters and birds can gather and nest there, blocking the chimney.

Sweeping the hearth, checking smoke chamber, liners, the firebox and flue, chimney exterior and scrutinizing the appliance for proper clearances.

Recommendations for replacement or proper procedure of equipment and required repairs to equipment or structure.

A video inspection. It might mean one more cost, but it could detect damage that is concealed.

Based on Andy Klotz of Angie’s List, a regular chimney review costs about $100 to $250, depending on roof availability along with the kind of chimney inspected. Some chimney sweeps if cleaning or repair work is performed, waive review fees.

Chimney cleanings normally cost $100 to $350, based on Klotz, according to unique equipment needed or problems, like animals — which might be dead or living — in the chimney. Fortunately this is for households and not normally in the pizza oven!

Just how do I choose an experienced chimney sweep?

Require warranty and references /guarantees for the work provided.

Require proof of insurance (at least $300,000), and check with the insurer that the policy is present.

If you’re in Southern Ontario and looking for chimney repair Cambridge is a great city for lots of good sweepers.

What things to do for heat sources and other chimneys in the home

Wood-burning stoves also have flues and chimneys that need an annual inspection. You’ll find a gray ash as the prevailing deposit, if the stove has been operated ideally. But if there’s glistening buildup on the interior of the door, it’s an indication the fire will be burned much too low.

Low- burning fires create an even greater buildup of creosote on the chimney. But don’t be so quick until the chimney is swept to burn hotter, warns Eldridge.

If you still need help you can use the Find It Near Me web application to track a local business down.

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Thanks for taking the time to read our post on cleaning our chimneys for our pizza oven (even if it was residential focused).

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